Holiday with a Purpose
Summercamp is for both experienced and inexperienced campers; City Zones, where we really get close to each other, generations excitement over the fantastic offers; the colourful bouquet of services and seminars to be chosen from and, which, every year, illustrate new thoughts about old truths.

Summercamp is a mix of relaxed summer holiday for both old and young, as well as an invitation to think and act differently in a way that will influence our inevitable everyday life.

Summercamp is for children, youth, families, singles and pensioners both together - and apart. A gathering of people from many cultures, from large and small churches, from different denominations, from home and abroad. Local churches living in their “City Zone” on the camping grounds and much more. Summercamp had in 2018 and 2019 more than 4500 participants, with more than 1700 campers.

Summercamp has its historical roots in the Pentecostal church’s annual summer event. Today, it has evolved into a broader church festival with a large spectre of free churches assembeled in the network MOSAIC. MOSAIC is comprised of various churches, organisations and leaders from all over Denmark. MOSAIC is a network of free churches and leaders. MOSAIC is an unity of independent entities. The network aims to strengthen local churches, equip pastors and leaders and organizing national conferences. Summercamp is the most visible expression of the networks activities. You can read more about MOSAIC on