KILIFI GAF TEMAKILIFI–GAF is a camp within the camp – an independent teenage camp associated with SummerCamp Mariager for those who have ended 5th or 6th grades. KILIFI is based at the boarding school, Efterskolen Frydensberg. KILIFI–GAF is wildness and friendships, it is God and fun. At KILIFI–GAF we believe that Jesus loves teenagers – of any shape and form – both the nerdy, the quiet and those who are hyper all day long. In short: we have space for every one! This is why KILIFI–GAF offers lots of Jesus–time, where God can do wild and awesome things.

When more than 170 teenagers are gathered it can only be wild and crazy. Add to this an enthusiastic team of 70 volunteers ready with a programme packed with experiences from both the wild side, such as mud–fighting, and from the more serious side, where many experience a meeting with God, and we are talking impact for the rest of your life. KILIFI–GAF is great experiences, laughter, cool activities and strong friendships. At KILIFI–GAF, God is the center of it all and you have the opportunity to get very close to Him. 

It might seem a bit scary to have to hang out with so many more or less strangers for a whole week. But you can safely come as you are. Everyone is put into a small group where there will be time to get to know each other. At the same time, you will have a group leader who will make sure that you are okay.

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