Jesus for alle

Summercamp Mosaic will in 2019 focus on Jesus for all.

About 75% of Danes never or almost never go to church. That's over 4 million. Their only opportunity to hear another human being tell about their faith in Jesus is if someone in their network are bridging the Christian community.

This does not mean that this large part of the Danish population doesn't believe in God or in a spiritual reality. About 66% of Danes believe in God.

We are facing a paradox: An ever-increasing proportion of our neighbors, work colleagues and acquaintances are spiritually interested. But we are lacking bridges between the growing spirituality and the church communities.

There are churches that grow and where people find faith in Jesus. But in the big picture, the understanding of church and Christianity is becoming increasingly weaker in our country. If we are to put it on edge, we have a beginning spiritual awakening in Denmark. The big question is whether it becomes Christian, or it becomes new age / Buddhist. The answer will depend on whether we as Christians each build bridges to Jesus and the church's community in our networks. Church events can help and support, but they cannot stand on their own at all.
God sent the Holy Spirit. Not first and foremost for the inner building of Christians, but for enabling us to tell our stories of faith to our surroundings. The Holy Spirit will enable us to cross cultural and linguistic boundaries to our testimony.

Tell your story
We have developed an expert thinking in the church in the West. A thinking that says that you have to have very special abilities to explain all the difficult questions of faith and religion. But God does not call you and me to answer all people's questions. He calls us to tell our story. Maybe just in pieces. The story of what faith means to us. What a difference it has made in our lives. And how it affects our choices and life priorities. The story of our crises and our victories.

In Acts we read how the first generation of Christians did it. It is evident that, although Peter and Paul were significant figures, faith were spread because many well-known and unknown people contributed.

Many Danes are shy about talking about faith and spirituality. It requires trust and knowledge before they open up. If you are honest, they will also be honest. Your story can, by the help of the Holy Ghost, give people a language ​​for their own faith and longing. You can become the bridge to a person who would otherwise never come into contact with the Christian community.