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See the list of available caravans here from April 1st.


The contract from the caravan supplier must be signed and returned within 8 days from receiving it.

If this is not adhered to, you may risk the caravan will be rented to someone else.

Caravans cannot be placed on the camp grounds until Thursday the 7th between 9am and 8pm.

Overnighting on the camp site before the official opening on Friday July 8th, is prohibited.

Do you wish to rent out your caravan follow this link

It is possible to have a dog with you in the camp grounds. We do, however, recommend that you do not bring your dog.

SummerCamp has a campsite with a view over Mariager Fjord. There are electric and free bathing facilities available at the camp with only 350 meters to the closest supermarket. A space will be assigned at arrival. The Campsite opens on Friday July 7th at 9am.

Grilling opportunities
Use of open fire (including grill) by the tents and caravans is prohibited.

You will find electricity throughout the whole camping site.

Breakfast : 8am - 9.30 am. 
Lunch : 12 noon - 13 pm. Price: 65,- DKK and more
Dinner : 17.30pm - 18.30 pm. Price: We refer to the prices in the street Food court. 

If you want other lodging than the camp area, we refer to various hotels, camping and bed / breakfast in Mariager and region. 

There are Samaritans guards at the campsite. Besides this, please contact an emergency doctor 7011 3131or the hospital emergency department 87 31 50 50.

If you want other lodging than at the camping site, we refer to various hotels, camping and bed / breakfast in Mariager and region. Summercamp does not facilitate private accommodation in houses / rooms in Mariager.